Phòng ngủ: 1
Phòng tắm: 1
Hướng: ...
Diện tích: 64m2
Giá: USD 1050/mth

About 1 bedroom for rent in Empire City Linden

This 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Empire City Linden Residence offers a luxurious and tranquil escape from city life. The spacious and bright living space is beautifully decorated, bringing residents comfort and relaxation. Moreover, the apartment features large windows in order to bring in natural light and create an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, Empire City apartment boasts a stunning river view that allows residents to enjoy the soothing sounds of the river and picturesque views from the balcony. 

High-quality facilties at Linden Residence

Apartment from its splendor, Empire City Linden Residence offers a wide range of facilities to enhance your standard of living. You can enjoy high-quality services including: 

  • Take a dip in infinity swimming pools
  • Stay in shape with the fully furnished fitness center
  • Stroll through landscaped gardens and green space
  • Enjoy leisure time with your children in dedicated playgrounds.

To sum up, this 1 bedroom for rent in Empire City Linden will be your perfect home with a blend of modern living and convenience. Contact us to schedule your visit to this charming apartment today! 


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