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Bedroom: 1
Bathroom: 1
Direction: ...
Diện tích: 64m2
Price: USD 1000/mth

Overview about 1 bedroom for rent in Empire City

This 1 bedroom for rent in Empire City complex is a great option if you’re searching for a contemporary apartment in Saigon. The tasteful and sophisticated décor in this rental flat will improve your quality of life. First of all, the room feels light and airy due to the open arrangement and soft theme color. The living room’s attractiveness and coziness are emanating from the minimalist yet chic furniture. In addition, this rental apartment with one bedroom offers a lovely view of the river, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air of nature.

Above all, Empire City Saigon is surrounded by the Saigon River, providing citizens with a serene and peaceful environment. Whether you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Saigon or immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis, this rental property will satisfy your demands. 

What distinguishes Empire City project apartment from other developments? 

One of the main benefits of Empire City project is its ideal location in Thu Thiem New Urban Area. The project is more appealing because of its close vicinity to Thu Thiem Bridge and District 1’s hub. Additionally, residents can easily explore the city because the apartment is adjacent to several commercial complexes and transportation hubs in District 2.

Furthermore, Empire City is a five-star apartment rental in Saigon that emphasizes environmentally friendly elements to improve your quality of life. Empire City becomes a top choice of many residents thanks to energy-efficient architecture, green areas, recycling centers, and pet-friendly environment. 

All in all, this 1 bedroom for rent in Empire City is a top-notch apartment with exquisite design and high-quality living. Don’t miss the chance to experience the modern urban lifestyle in the heart of Saigon. Contact us for further information!


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